Trent turning a large element of a Relationship Series PieceRelationship Series- Process Description

My Relationship Series is directly influenced by relationships we as humans have with each other. The feeling of belonging or not belonging closeness or abandonment. Our relationships have different stages as well good and bad times. Through this body of work I am exploring these emotions and feelings. I find the possibilities are endless.

My family has influenced my work tremendously in the past and will continue to for years to come. I have chosen the teardrop-shaped element to represent an individual due to its connection to water the material that all life needs to survive and thrive. Wood, a material that was alive, is the perfect material to use for these elements due to its individuality (there are no two pieces exactly the same). The connections or center axis in this body of work is cast out of bronze a very strong material representing the strength and power of these connections we as humans have with each other. I get the greatest satisfaction seeing the viewers of these pieces relate them to there own experiences good and bad. To be able to express myself through my sculpture is very satisfying.

Soooo Close


In my art, I use only rescued and recycled woods. The wood I use is purchased from tree surgeons, landfills, and private residences that must remove trees.  All the by-products of the wood are used as well. The scrap wood is given to local residents who use wood as a source of heat for their homes. The wood shavings are given to the community for use in backyard composting bins.