Remote Demos

Trent doing a remote demo for a group in another location while streaming live from his personal studio in Fort Collins Colorado.

Trent is available for remote demonstrations for clubs, groups, individuals, businesses, etc.

Not sure what a remote demo is? It is a demo that Trent does from his own studio on any of the woodturning techniques that I normally demo on in-person, except for we are linked via the internet, rather than me being there in person.

There are pros and cons to all of these formats, but remote demos are a great way for clubs, groups of friends, organizations, and individuals etc. to have a professional quality demonstration without the travel expenses and related issues.

These are interactive, meaning we are having a conversation in real time so if you have a question about anything I am presenting you can just ask. We have multiple cameras on me in my shop giving you a great view of what is going on. All that is needed for participants is a computer/device to view the presentation and good internet service. This format is designed for clubs or woodturning groups looking to learn new skills and get inspired. 

See demonstration topics below and contact Trent today to schedule a date for your remote demo.

Demonstration Topics:

Revelations In Hollowing  Over the past 25 years I have been pursuing the art of the hollow form -throughout this time I have used and developed some very unique techniques and equipment. in this demo I will go through all the techniques that in the creation of a hollow form with an emphasis on the latest technologies I have developed for hollowing making this much more than just a hollow form demo.


Vessels and Surfaces  In this demo participants will not only learn all the techniques that I go through in the creation of a hollow form but ways to make the surface outstanding! From textures to colors to sandblasting and beyond – making this much more than just a hollow form demo.

Hollow Forms for Everyone This is a great demo for people that are interested in hollowing, whether you are just getting started or have been hollowing for many years. Trent will share valuable techniques that he has learned throughout the years using just his basic hollowing tools, you will learn about form, steps of hollowing, how to check wall thickness with simple tools, and much much more.

Sunburst platter  In this session I turn a platter from green wood, from start to finish.  I will then take that Platter and carve a sunburst pattern into the rim.  Along the way we will discuss drying techniques, getting the cleanest cut possible to minimize sanding, how to develop new ideas and more.

Decorative Utility Bowls  In this session I rough turn a bowl from green wood, discuss drying techniques including kiln drying and building your own kiln as well as very simple and basic techniques.  Then I re-turn a dry bowl using specially ground tools to get as clean a cut as possible to cut down on sanding.  I will then take that bowl and discuss and use lots of different decorative techniques including: carving techniques, bleaching, dying, painting, burning, sand blasting, and surface textures.

Vessels of Illusion  In this demo participants will not only learn all the techniques that I go through in the creation of this body of work but how I developed it and why.  This demonstration will include turning the outer hollow form, carving the vessel, turning the insert, using wood bending to get the insert in the outer vessel, and principals of wood bending for woodturners.

Mountain Bowls In this demo I expand upon the decorative utility bowl demo and show a technique that I used to expand the possibilities of a utility piece becoming more decorative. Drawing inspiration from my environment (I live in Colorado and the mountains are very prominent) I came up with this interpretation. We go through the making of the bowl, beading the bowl, laying out and carving the mountain ranges. Also touching on wood prep, tool sharpening, finishing and a myriad of other possibilities.

Sienna Series Vessels Taking inspiration from other bodies of my work, such as Vessels of Illusion, I developed what I call my Sienna Series to give a similar effect to the multi-piece Vessel of Illusion but through a completely different technique. We will go through the process of wood selection, hollowing, carving, sandblasting, finishing and will especially focus on paying attention to the grain and using it as a feature in this body of work.

Contact Trent today to schedule your Demonstration.