Tentative workshop schedule

Every day you can expect to see few short demos on techniques that you can try that day. The idea I have about hands on workshops is to really let the class take shape with what you have an interest in. Here is a sample schedule of topics we may discuss.

Day 1

• Turning open forms
• Getting comfortable with the1/2″ swept back grind gouge
• Different grinds to minimize sanding
• Wood selection (what to look for and why)
• Using Green Wood
• Drying options (Kiln, Air, and other ideas)
• How to cut the wood for best figure

Day 2

• Enclosed forms (Vessels of Illusion etc.)
• Tools for Hollowing
• Judging wall thickness (Look, Listen, and feel)
• Form (what is good form?)
• Turning pieces that will be carved on (leaving enough wood)

Day 3

• Wood Manipulation (Bending wood, Carving Wood, Sandblasting wood)
• Surface treatments
Ways to achieve the desired effect in your work
Color, texture, etc.
• Finishing (lots of options)
• Whatever area you want to explore further
• Slides of work if applicable
• Look and discuss work created and techniques used

Other Topics (any day)

• Use of other materials in your work (metal plastic etc.)
• Making your own tools
• How to generate new ideas for your work (from life experiences or other
interests etc.)
• Finding your own voice in woodturning
• How and where to get started selling your work

The whole idea is for this to be fun and educational so I am sure we will have a blast. I am very laid back and willing to do whatever you want. It will be a good time for all.