Deluxe Pneumatic Carving Stand now available!

Well it has been a long road to get this beauty into production but it is finally here.

My daughter Kailee wrote up a nice description of how it works and I thought it would be nice to include it here:

The Deluxe Pneumatic carving stand is an easy and fun way to carve on your woodturning pieces. The nice thing about it is it moves in all directions so that you can carve in any position that is comfortable for you.  All you have to do is hook it up to an air compressor, then push the petal down for the ball to move. Put it in the spot you want it let the petal go  and there you go you can have an easy and fun way to carve. The adapters that fit this carving stand are: 1×8 tpi, 1 1/4×8 tpi and M33x 3.5. Which fit most chucks on most lathes. This carving stand comes with a bench mount so it is easy for you to mount in your shop.

To learn more about this awesome device visit the Products link on my website.  The cost for the complete stand is $495 USD

As always Happy Turning and Carving


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