Robust Lathes!!!!

I am a proud distributor of the high quality, American Made, Robust Lathes.  I have been updating the lathes in my personal studio to Robusts over the last few years and have been extremely impressed with all aspects of these well thought out machines.

A little history – My first contact with Brent English the owner of Robust was several years back, before the company even existed.  He inquired about the features that I would incorporate into a lathe if I were to design one.  He solicited information from a few other professional turners as well.  Within a year or so he introduced The American Beauty.  He had listened to what turners wanted and made an incredible machine.  To this day the lathe continues to improve and evolve mostly from user input.

American Beauty

When a prospective customer asks me why they should choose a Robust I tell them it is about the ease of use.  I turn the same items no matter which lathe I am on as long as it is relatively stout and can handle the size material I am turning, it is just more fun when the lathe is not getting in your way.    For example,  moving the tool rest holder is effortless, you never have to clean the rust off the bed, the tilt-away tailstock is amazing – so easy to get the tailstock out of the way when I am hollowing, I could go on and on.  It is also made in America.

If you are interested in a price quote or have any other questions I’d be happy to help you (phone 970-568-3299, email   When you go through a distributor like myself, you get the bonus of having extra support from me at the exact same price.  ( I will  try to meet or beat any price you find )  All financial transactions go through Robust.  The lathes usually ship or can be picked up about 6-8 weeks after the order is placed.    In my opinion, they are the best lathe currently available and that is why I am happy to be associated with Robust.   Let me know if I can help.

Happy Turning

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